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Reptile & Amphibian Guarantee

7 day health guarantee on Reptiles provided the pet receives care appropriate to its species after leaving the store.

24 Hour health guarantee on Amphibians provided the pet receives care appropriate to its species after leaving the store.

Any limitations to the health guarantee will be outlined at time of sale.

Should a health problem arise, you must contact the store immediately in order to validate the warranty. We will not reimburse veterinary expenses incurred without our authorization. 

If you have any problems, questions or concerns regarding health and care of your new pet, particularly feeding concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In the event of loss of your pet within the guarantee period, please return the pet to the store with the register receipt and written invoice. We will replace your pet or provide an in-store credit for the purchase value.

A reptile will only be replaced once. There is no guarantee on the replacement pet.

There is no guarantee on gender, temperament, age, or suitability for breeding. With the exception of health related issues, there are no cash refunds or exchanges. 

There is no guarantee on live reptile food.

Shipping Terms and Conditions


Live Arrival Guaranteed


Shipping temps must be between 40 and 89 degrees. We will ship when we feel it safe. If you demand we ship prior to our recommendations, than you own the possible results.


Customer must give accurate shipping address and any special instructions that may be required. Customer must also be present when the package arrives. Package must be opened within 1 hour of arrival.


Any DOAs or issues must be reported immedietely & photographic or other forms of evidence may be needed.


We use heat packs and/or cold packs when necessary; animals are always packed in insulated boxes.


We can not be held responsible for any carrier errors.


We can use FedEx or UPS. FedEx is our primary carrier.

No Cash refunds on animals Any returns of animals will be at the buyers expense unless agreed upon by Repxotica management prior to re-shipping.


Once again, we are not responsible for any carrier abuse or errors.


Refunds will be issued once the animals arrive and we inspect the animals.



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